A few days back I started writing a story. The idea was simple. I had a picture in my mind -of a girl walking on a beach, alone. I started writing that picture. The story kept moving. After struggling for six long hours, I wrote the last sentence. I liked the story. It is something I have never written about. And the only one person to read it told me it is ‘controversial’. Well, there’s a word you don’t get to hear every day. Not unless you are some celebrity. But then again, I guess I am no less than a celebrity for that person who thinks too highly of me.

Nevertheless, I don’t think I was going to post the story anyway, controversial or not. This is the first time that I completed a story the same day I started it. The first time ever. And even though I know I like the idea of the story, I think I am not mature enough to handle the story I started. Because I know I finished it midway even though It is 3500 words long. I know because now when I read it, I realize that I wanted to express so much more, that I would not be doing justice to the story and the character if I ended it there. And that is why I couldn’t post it. I apologize.

Well, to give you an idea, the story is inspired by a Quora answer I had read some days ago. The story shook me from inside. It was written by a girl from The United States, I guess. I could have provided you with a proper link but I could not find the answer again. I will update you if I do.

Meanwhile, in news, Chetan Bhagat’s new book, One Indian girl, came out on October 1st. Had it been six years ago, I would have traveled 100 miles just to get that book. But phew! Thank heaven I grew up. I mean why does that guy even wait so many years to bring the book? I can tell by the way he writes that it must take him a week’s time to write the book, which I can again tell that he writes keeping in mind that it will be made into a movie. Dear sir, why bother? Just write the script directly, no? I will be honest, though. And give credit where it’s due. The man taught people to read books (in India, that is). At least many people I know started reading because of him. Correction, not many ‘people’ but many ‘kids’. I remember how excited we were for his The 3 Mistakes of my life, just because the book had sex in it. Yea!! Mission accomplished Chetan Ji. Congratulations. I mean, seriously? Is that why you write a book. And to top it all, this guy wrote a book on ‘feminism’. Oh, the irony! This is the same guy who compared Indian currency to a woman being ‘raped’. Anyway, who am I to judge? It’s not like I am a critically acclaimed writer myself. Ha!

I don’t even know why and when I switched from my story to Chetan Bhagat. Maybe because it is 5:17 in the morning and I’m still up writing this piece and my mind is not working. I shouldn’t have said those things. And I think I really should go and sleep now.

I will definitely keep you guys updated about my story (even though I don’t even know how many people are going to read this one).

*winks and sobs*

Well then, I guess this was all I had to say. Have a great day!





Just another day.
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4 thoughts on “Just another day.

  • October 16, 2016 at 9:10 pm

    Bro… in 3rd para second last line, u r missing ‘ not’ after could.. N again in 5th para instead of ‘it’, it should be ‘is’…u have written ”it that that all why you write a book’. Do correct these words..

    Keep going brother… Best wishes.. ✌✌

    • October 16, 2016 at 10:41 pm

      Thank you for the suggestions. And thanks again for taking the time out to read it. Means a lot.

  • October 20, 2016 at 1:12 am

    Bhai…tu janta hai mera english lekin fir bhi tera likha padhte hai or bht shokh se padhte hai…i wish you the best.

  • October 26, 2016 at 11:56 pm

    Good one. Keep going brother.
    I can see you being the best in your arena. (If you just get me.)


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