Well, I’ll tell you my problem. I read something, I get excited about it, I start doing it and boom. . . just like that, I lose interest and stop. Here, let me explain; take for example what happened the other day. I read this article about how blogging can earn you money and I got all excited about it. I started looking everywhere on the internet about how to be a blogger. I Googled stuff like “How to be a professional blogger”, “How to earn money by blogging”, “What to write while blogging”, “how to write blogs”, and blah and blah and blah. . . halfway through reading all the articles from multiple websites -all of whom telling me to do something different, by the way -, I thought, “Aeh! This is all a waste of time. I got better things to do.” And yeah, you guessed it right, I dropped it.

Back to square one, I was. And like every time I was back searching for new ways to get deviated. Then I had a thought, which I have a lot, by the way. I thought, what do people really blog about? I mean sure they write stuff, and pretty amazing stuff at that, but besides how well they write, what exactly do they write? What really is blogging all about? And how does a beginner, like myself, get to know what should he write?

So, I was back Googling. And a quick glance at all the top blogs gave me the basic idea. Yes, I had discovered it!

Blogging is not about writing ‘what’s trending’ and ‘what’s hot’, it’s about writing what you know best. It’s about writing your heart out. It’s about writing things that make you happy, things that make you sad, things that you experienced for the first time. Too philosophical, eh? Allow me to put it in a simple way. Suppose, for example, you have to make a really tough decision, like. . . I don’t know, maybe, your dog died and you are wondering whether you should get a new one or not. You think to yourself, “It would be a lot easier if only I had someone to help me.” And bam. This is it. You are experiencing this for the first time and somehow you manage to get out of the turmoil. Well, congratulations! You have something you can call as you-own-experience. This is what you write about so that the next person going through the same can Google and find the solution. You may be surprised to know how many people go through the same problems as yours. So go ahead and write about it. Makes sense?

Look at me -at the start of this page all confused and all messed up- and now giving advice to the mighty people of the Earth! Well, this is me for you. This is who I am. It took some time figuring out a way to get my life sorted but now I think it’s all done. You may be surprised to know how many things I have tried my hands at.

Wait! I’ll walk you through it. Back in my lower KG’s, when anyone used to ask me what I want to be when I grow up, I would, in my conked out accent, say that I wanted to be an engineer (of course I don’t remember saying it, if that is what you are thinking. My mother tells me that). Fast forward some years and I am in 10th grade. At that stage, I wanted to publish a magazine, something like ‘India Today’. I had planned it well, even had made a business plan as how I was going to do it. As it turned out, no such thing happened. In my 11th and 12th grade, I wanted to be a physicist. Yes, you read it write. Of all things that I could be, I wanted to be a physicist. I even took some online courses. Then during my year break, between 12th and college, I started to teach myself programming. I learned some basic programming which helped me get through the first semester of college. I ended up taking Electrical engineering (which I like by the way, despite what some people might tell you). It’s not that I didn’t want to take engineering. I love it. I love the technicality of it. As the year went by, I discovered I love money more. So I decided to take MBA after my engineering and become an Investment Banker. Going to office in all those fancy suits and those fancy cars while everybody around you envies you and your money, sounds cool, no? Well, that’s the idea. Let’s see how long that lasts. It is only now that I finally know where’s my heart at. All this time, drifting from one dream to another, writing is the only thing that never left me. No matter what I wanted to be, no matter how much money I wanted to earn, writing is the only thing that has always been there, always helping me get through in life and make right decisions all along. Now I know what I really what to do with all the time in the world, I want to write and write I shall.

Having said enough of me, the point of this story being that it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner -who has never done anything in his life- if you want to do it, do it. It does help having a great partner beside you while you figure out your life. I had mine (you know who you are) to help me through, to motivate me to do what I always wanted to do. Thank you for helping me out.

I guess writing about starting a blog was just an excuse. I guess, all I wanted was to get these thoughts out of my system. You see, this is the best thing about writing; it makes you feel so alive and so light. I am no philosopher nor am I some accomplished person, all the things I wrote are based on what I have experienced. You may choose to listen to it or you may completely ignore it, it’s all up to you. Views may differ but the idea of it may not.

Being myself has never been easy for me; neither has being yourself been easy for you. We all get deviated, we all get confused but this is what we are in the end, messed up connections of muscles and bones, of nerves and fibers, of body and brain. This is only so human of us. It takes some time figuring out what you really want but once you do, trust me, it feels good. It’s all worth in the end.


Go Ahead, Take The First Step!
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  • January 16, 2017 at 10:55 pm

    Its great bro!!…Keep up the good work


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