Well, hello there!

Welcome. And thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your coming here.

My name’s Aryan! And for as long as you are going to stay here I’ll be your host.

Google defines bibliophile as “a person who collects or has a great love of books.” And I would be lying if said I wasn’t one.

I read and I write.

I write anything and everything I feel.

It’s my salvation. It’s my life.

Long time back, I remember someone asking me why do I read so much. I didn’t have the answer then, but I do now. I read because I like to be someone else. Because I like to take a break from my life and step into someone else’s shoe. It’s fun, and I like to believe that everyone should try it. A wise man once wrote, and I quote:

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. A man who does not read lives only one.”

It is written by George RR Martin in ‘A Dance With Dragons.”

I dream.. And a lot, must you know. There are some short-term dreams and some long-term.

Being able to write is one that stands out.  And I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who support me and encourage me. I’ll try my best to not let them or you down.

Starting this blog was a big step towards realizing that dream. As you’ll know, once you go through the blog, that writing, for me, is not just a hobby, it’s my passion. It’s my love. And this blog, my baby. Everything you see -from the blog’s appearance to the smallest icon placed at the farthest corner- is a result of long hours of working. And I take utter pride in finally presenting my life for you to read. It’s not perfect. Mistakes are part of it. Please feel free to point it out.

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In case you want to get in touch with me privately and share some opinion and ideas or if you would like to get an honest review for your writing, feel free to contact me, my email address is aryanraj@thewritingripples.com I would be happy to provide my opinion on the same.

With that being said, go ahead and enjoy the blog.

Happy reading!