It’s funny, how things work for me. How I feel while going to bed determines how I’ll feel the next morning! It’s funny, how motivation works. There’s this thing I have learned, life is not something that starts with each morning and ends when we go to bed. Contrary to what they say, life is a messed up loop. With every day of our life tangled in each other like a bunch of threads. We just don’t get to pick one without disturbing the whole bunch. It’s just plain messy.

If you think that you can go ahead and start afresh then, well, I hate to break it but you are wrong. It’s that simple. There isn’t a reset button. Though, I sometimes do wish there was one!

It’s like I said. How I feel while going to bed determines how I feel the next morning. Like right now, I’m in my bed and I’m trying to sleep but I can’t. Why? Because I am feeling too motivated. I am feeling too productive. So, do I shut my mind and go back to sleep? No. Instead, I get up and sit. I get up, sit and start writing this piece. And I’m sure that tomorrow morning I’ll feel great knowing I did something like this.

Not every night is the same, though. I have my shares of bad. And I’ve learned that you cannot think and act clear when you are not feeling motivated.

My advice?

Don’t do anything that doesn’t motivate you. Trust me, it’ll only just make you feel worse.

I’ll tell you something about myself. Past few days have been quite exciting for me. I got my blog. And I’ve received a decent amount of appreciation for my writings. I would be lying if I said those appreciations didn’t affect me. They did. And for the first time in my life, I felt what it is like to live the result of your hard work. That is the kind of motivation that keeps me going. This is what I love. I draw inspiration and motivation from small things around me. Things that do not even matter.  If I told you about the things that make me feel motivated you’ll laugh yourself to death, figuratively speaking! The point being, that it doesn’t matter. Period. It doesn’t matter how or where you find your motivation as long as you find it.

Everyday I’m learning something new.

And, everyday I’m getting wiser.

Everyday I move a day closer to the end and everyday I move a day farther from the start.

Everyday I grow a little powerful and yet everyday I grow a little old.


Everyday I am a little better and yet everyday I’m a little worse.

What am I?

A little human. A little angel.

A little creation of God or a marvelous creation of nature?

What am I?

A little someone at fault or a little someone to judge?

Who’s to know? And who’s to tell?

Everyday I love and yet everyday I hate.

Everyday I’m getting wiser.


Everyday I’m learning something new.






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A late-night thought!
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