I know it’s over,

Forgetting you is one heck of a task.

And I accept the closure, 

But I have a question to ask..

Will you be fine?

When we don’t share our coffee mugs,

When I stop showering you with my love out of the blue,

When I forget to give you sudden kisses and hugs,

When I stop staying awake the whole night as anxiety hits you,

Tell me, Will you be fine?

When I stop shouting at you for no reason,

When I’m not there to remind you of little things,

When you don’t see my moods changing like the seasons,

When I don’t share my dreams about the day we exchange rings,

Tell me, Will you be fine?

When you don’t hear my clumsy whistles on a phone call,

When I stop believing all your lies,

When I stop singing our songs aloud like a kid so small,

When I stop looking into your eyes,

Tell me, Will you be fine?

So here I am standing so small.

The pain, the memories, forgetting them all.

There is just one thing in my mind,

So tell me, Will you be fine?

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