11:20 am

”Who am I?”

Umm, let me explain it to you this way.

I don’t have a definition. I am a story, a story that has no end, a story with no climax, (well, at least not yet.)

I grow every day with plot twists, a lot of action, character addition, intervals, denouements leading to another exposition, popcorn breaks and little naps.

And in between all these, I keep going. I keep walking.

I vary between extremes, from an unbearable extrovert to an invisible introvert, from “I own it all!” to “how does my existence matter?”, from “let’s invite a hundred people and I’ll cook!” to “let’s order in!” for straight 10 days in a row!.

Someday, I’ll be the life of the party, on the others you’ll see me sitting in a corner, sipping my drink, lost in my own thoughts, staring into oblivion.

There will be days, you’ll think you got me all figured out, and the next moment you’ll suddenly see me google “why does God allow suffering?” after ten minutes of sitting quietly.

Not only you, but it’s also me I surprise the most at times, like did I know I am capable of running around in the sun for 5 hours straight when I spent the whole day, yesterday on my bed covered in chips and coke with my laptop on my tum binge watching some random shit on Netflix.

I change, I grow, I am different every moment.

Some days I am a painter.

Some days I am a singer.

Some days I am a speaker, a dancer, a writer, a fashionista, a chef, an adviser, a secret keeper, a nothing.

So yeah, “who am I?”

– I am a billion different souls at a time, not naming one as my identity but giving space to each one of them to grow inside of me and find their way.

Trust me, I am a whole damn world in me. 

-Mansi Verma

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