From preparing a scrapbook to collecting every single detail, she had lived the journey once before. This time she got a chance to live it in reality. She made all the hotel bookings and booked the air tickets. Now was the day when she had to fly away. Travelling alone was her dream. This was the first destination of her travel list. At the airport, she took her travel journal out of her bag, put a tick mark in a checkbox against USA.. and mentioned the date “05/09/1986”. She hugged her dad, kissed her mom goodbye and boarded the flight. Little did she knew, how four strangers can change her dreams into a nightmare!
They gave her belongings to her mom. In tears, she opened her journal to the second page and read: “Never felt this alive,  never been this happy.  I won’t regret if it was the last day of my life.”     

-written on Pam Am flight 73               

(the plane she could never get off of)   

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