Getting up in the morning and holding myself tight,

this is how i make my mornings bright.

Somedays i am the only person i meet,

but on the others, to myself, I get no time to greet!

on those days,

when locking myself in the room and giving birth to a new poem seems like a pipe dream,

I like to embrace the writer in me by working with strangers as a team

and completing a haiku online or sometimes even making up a meme.

on those days,

when reading seems to be a “Ferrero-rocher-luxury” with the little “orange-candy-time” I have,

and I can’t get my hands on a new book,

I settle for the #poetsofinstagram, open my favourite microfiction page

and intrigue myself by taking a look.

on those days, 

when I don’t get time for “Netflix and chill” with my soda can in one hand

and in the other a big, puffy bag of chips,

I rush through lunch stuffing edibles between my lips,

substituting a 2-hour-movie with a 5-minute-clip

of little Emma’s giggles while her parents jam on her favourite lullaby, “I like big butts and I cannot lie”!

But in between all that,

I like to stand in front of the bathroom mirror and smile at myself,

taking a little time off of my pee breaks,

Tossing my hair up in a bun I remind myself,

“don’t you worry darling, you have got what it takes”!

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