After what seemed like almost an hour of rambling about how badly she wanted to give her colleague a piece of her mind because apparently, he was being a total sexist saying “Golgappas are for girls!”, she looks at her boyfriend engrossed in a book, paying absolutely no attention to her rant and shouts, “Dhruv! Are you even listening to me?”

He looks back at her and before he could say anything, she, out of the blue with her puppy eyes cherried with a pout, in the deepest saddening voice that she could, says “I’m sure, you don’t even want to kiss me right now…”

He laughs and holds his sweet little “puppy” in his arms and says, “Kavu!! The only reason I would EVER not want to kiss you would be because in those moments my goddamn eyes would be closed and I won’t be able to see your beautiful, sparkling ones.

I won’t be listening to you talk about things that aren’t even relevant but still matter to you so much that you can’t stop thinking about them even after such a long, exhausting day.

 I won’t be listening to how you want to make everything right out of everything going wrong around you. 

I won’t be looking at you twitching that tiny nose every time you talk about something that bothers you.

 I won’t be looking at that adorably sexy pout of yours, AND!” taking a pause, brushing aside a few strands of her hair and tucking them behind her left ear,

he continues, “and, I would not get to hear THAT, that overwhelmingly magical voice of yours!”

Kavya swept off her feet and still unable, after a few tries, to make words out of the numerous emotions she is feeling, suddenly gets up, starts walking across the living room and reaches out for her car keys. 

Dhruv, totally confused and petrified if his speech just backfired, asks, “Kavu! What happened? Where are you going?” 

Kavya looks at him, smiles, and with the same bright eyes cherried with a pout, mumbles those three magical words,

“Mutton Cutlet Gravy?!”                

-inspired by Little Things

-Mansi Verma

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