I know, reading the title of this post, your mind would be occupied with rushing assumptions on how this is going to go along. But before you consider any preconceived notion I want to clarify to you, what I mean when I say honesty…Honesty is not always about accepting your mistakes. It’s a lot more than that. Honesty is anything that gives you inner peace.                 

Remember the last time you shared a secret with your best friend that you had been keeping to yourself, or when you confessed your feelings for your crush (although I know that story might not be having a very happy ending), or when you laughed with your friends on something you said that was very stupid? These are the moments of honesty that make you grow as a person. Following are a few things you must keep in mind while living the honest way of life:

  • Never avoid Confrontation                Sometimes there are situations when you can control your emotions but when it goes out of your hand you must confront them. Don’t be too rigid, listen to what the other has to say (everybody knows the difference between listening and hearing) and do speak your heart out when it’s your turn but logically. Most importantly, being the bigger person never hurts, so hug it out and say sorry. 

  • Compliments never hurt!                             In a world where everybody is living with their own insecurities, a little “Hey, you look pretty today!”, “That shirt looks fine on you!”, “My god! Have you been working out?” brings a smile on their faces. You never know what kind of a day they have been having today. So keep complimenting!
  • Confess your heart out.                            All of us understand the nervousness and tension we go through before confessing something. But its not the confession that bothers us, it’s the consequence of it. On the other hand it does give you a sense of relief, getting something off of your chest. But when you do, it should always be infront of the only people it concerns. Because honestly, not everybody deserves a seat in the theatre of your life.
  • Be true to yourself                              Being honest on the inside is the most important step, to be honest with the world. It’s a common notion these days to “love yourself” and it’s true and everybody should love themselves. But to do so it’s important to first know themselves. People should love what they actually are rather than what they think they are. It’s ok to be jealous, to be loud, to be weak, to be weird, to be a pushover, to be opinionated, to be short-tempered, to be a gossip monger, to be a chatterbox. Accept yourself for who you are. After all, that’s what makes you, you know, “YOU!”
  • Be straight forward, games are for kids  Playing games with people’s minds may seem smart but actually it is a waste of energy and intelligence which can be used in better and productive purposes. Say and do what you feel is right. Remember, real people admire authenticity. 
  • Know when to stop                              Now, I know I have told you guys a lot about being honest and stuff but it is also very important to know when to stop. When you sense a situation will become worse if you add a pinch of your honestie dust to it then well, DON’T! Sometimes a little too much of even a good thing kills. So, stop before you become the one who spoils everything with their “honesty” and makes things plain awkward.  

Also, there is a thin line between being honest and being rude. There is always a better way of saying things. A little sugar coat won’t hurt now, would it? Start with this and then sit back and relax, let karma take care of the rest! 
PS: And don’t forget… “Honesty is the best policy“! 🙂

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