I was watching one of my favourite movies again where the relationship of a happy couple starts to go downhill when they meet with an accident and the girl loses her memory. She forgets even meeting her husband, let alone marrying him. Suddenly a thought struck my mind, what if, god forbid, I lose my memory? With it, I went ahead and did something weird. I wrote myself a letter to remind “the lost me ” of a few things and… Read it, you’ll know what else!

Hey Forgetful,

Before we start, a quick heads up- you are filthy rich now and everyone around you, taking care of you, is after all that silver. Yea! It did feel good for a second there right, well, don’t get used to it, was just trying to have a little fun of my own. Anyway, reality check, you are still as poor as a church mouse and those people around are the only ones you got and the fact that they are not even that good, makes it worse! Ok! I get it, you probably are going through a lot lately so I won’t try to be funny anymore. Nonetheless, you already know I don’t have to try, humour runs in these veins. UhOh! I guess you don’t.

Now, for starters, I would really like to tell you how very happy I’m. That sounded rude. Didn’t it? But this is like life has given you a second chance and clean canvas. You can paint it the way you want to. The chance that can make you change your I-wish-I-would-have(s) into Yes-I-did(s). The chance that can change your sessions of self-loath into moments of contentedness. Most importantly, You have got a chance to forget all those heartbreaking SPOILERS from your mean friends! You finally don’t know who Emma’s dad is or do Ross and Rachel finally get together? (Okay, if you have forgotten this too, this is from your favourite tv show F.R.I.E.N.D.S and you prefer binge-watching a whole season of it sitting at home rather than human interactions.) You have a chance to read your favourite book again and feel the same emotions you did when you read it for the first time. You have a chance to relive many more such moments when you were introduced to something or someone that became a favourite. No hints to them, find them like you did the first time.

With the number of second chances you got, you can be a little generous and give some of them to a few other people too. So I’ll add a few numbers on the back of this letter. You might wanna call up and tell them that the head has been cleaned up and its time to revive the good memories and convert the bad ones. Maybe it’s time to refresh the excitement of all your first(s).

As of now, you are single as a Pringle and I will keep updating in case there happens to be a movement in the love life. Don’t worry babe, I won’t let you lose your Channing Tatum. This Paige will surely remember her Leo. Filmy stuff, always a go-to for you, by the way. Don’t stress too much. They said “Let the memory come back naturally!”, in the movies.


You (from the past)

You read mine why don’t you write yourself one too, you know, just in case..And yeah do tell someone else where you kept it because lets face it, I have you guys to remind me but you won’t even know you have one for yourself, when you’ll actually need it. 
PS: Make sure its someone who is close to you or else they’ll just think you are crazy like you think of me now.. 😉

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