Dear You,             

I remember when I first met you…Oh, wait! Actually, I don’t. It was 17 years ago when we sat in a kindergarten classroom as a bunch of 3-year-olds. All I remember from back then is crying to go back home and a cute, chubby (you hated being called fat) kid asking me for a pencil everyday because apparently somebody stole his every single day.              

You had a way with being totally different and unpredictable at times. I remember how on the day of the Mathematics exam you brought a clipboard with a little calculator on the top of it. Poor kid trying to show off his technologically upgraded clipboard got scolded by the teacher. I still remember that look on your face… On my birthday while everyone got one candy, you got two. You never were my best friend but somewhere you became that guy I looked for in a room filled with other kids.    

But then the classic “life” happened and we drifted apart. I shifted to a different city. Time changed a lot but couldn’t change what we had. And then we met again…            

You came running with your finger pointing at me as soon as you saw me and I fell in love. Yes! I fell in love the very moment with your smile, with your sparkling eyes and with how happy you were to see me. You felt as new and refreshing to me as every summer feels like after a long, cold winter and at the same time as old and relaxing as it feels to be back home after a long, tiring day. You made my heart smile and in you, I found my home.        

You became a part of my every story and your stories were incomplete without me. I could never understand your habits. It always struck me how can someone sleep wearing jeans. Hats off for that! You inhaled coffee like a thousand cups a day or maybe more but never had a meal on time. But these habits somewhere helped me understand you better and brought us closer.

                     Every day with you was a surprise. I was this whole other carefree and happening person while I was with you. You swept me off of my feet I don’t know how many times with the insane stuff you did for me. Once you got a bucket of KFC packed and took me to a pure veg restaurant and dared me to eat it. You perfectly matched my crazy. Every single day I fell deeper for you.             

It’s been a year since you left and these things are now just a happy memory that makes me sad. Now all I know is that I can’t afford to be sad anymore and I have to come out of it. I have never given up on you and never will. But I can’t keep on walking on the same road knowing it leads nowhere.          

  You often said I was strong but little did I know I will have to use this strength to do the most difficult thing I ever could – saying goodbye to you.

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