She is my best friend,

I’m in her loved ones.

She may not be there in all my happy moments,

But she never leaves my side in all the sad ones.

She is my best friend,

She gives me a lot of pain.

She makes me think about everything, that would have, could or will happen…

Once, twice, thrice, over and over again.
She is my best friend,

She blinds me with her bright light.

She may be gone away in the day,

But comes running back to me every night.
She is my best friend,

She never leaves me alone.

She takes me to different worlds,

With my thoughts overgrown.
Is she my best friend?

Don’t I want to let her go?

┬áHer name is “Insomnia”.

Can’t decide a friend or a foe.

-Mansi Verma

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